Unique System For Woodwork Clamping During Glue Drying

Self Bonding - Sticks to itself
No adhesive left on raw or finished wood
No damages to finishes

Simplify wood gluing with this new clamp concept. Eliminate the need for special clamp designs, clamps that can damage the finish. QUICK CLAMP WRAP™ secures wooden pieces during drying. No weak bonds or gaps from wood movement. No tape adhesive to affect the wood surface or finish. No adhesive clean up. This soft silicone tape is inert to most finishes. Sticks only to itself.

Each gluing application is unique and we suggest trial wraps before gluing. Be certain the stretch wrap secures the wood sections tightly. Always stretch the tape, but do not over stretch.

The clear barrier tape is a separation tape and is thrown away. Minimize contact of the silicone wrap to itself as it will bond if pressed together. You have a short time to separate the tape before tape bonding is permanent. The test wrap may have to be discarded.

For most shapes, simply stretch the tape around the pieces of wood and back onto itself. As the tape only sticks to itself, you must hold the starting end with your thumb or finger while stretching the tape. Once the tape is wrapped back onto itself, a slight pressure will secure the hold. After the glue dries, simply cut the tape free.

For table / chair legs or unusual shapes (see above photos) stretch the tape around the leg and back onto itself. This anchors the tape. Then, stretch the tape around the frame and back onto the leg. Press the tape end to itself. Again, always stretch the tape, but do not over stretch. Upon glue drying, cut the tape free.

This tape is also a multi-purpose repair wrap.
Good from -60°F to 500°F
Permanent air & water tight seal
Insulates up to 400 volts per mil.